Hunnert Car Pileup 2006

My fave car of the 800 plus cars was definitely the original deuce roadster pictured above. It had some old timing tags from both Muroc and Rosetta from the late 1940s. The interior consisted of a series of stainless steel plates and a 39 top loader shifter. The seats looked like they were from a WWII bomber. It was a way sweet ride.

My other favorite car was the way cool 31 Willys roadster pictured below. I loved the original looking finish with the full fenders and hood. Something that I cant say I have seen up close and personal before.

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Surly said...

I just serendipitously surfed in through Postive Ape Index and found your Hunnert Car Pileup pics. I too was there and posted pics on my blog. Great show, no?