Rath's Lard Bucket

I found the lovely Rath's Lard bucket pictured above at a house sale for the cost effective price of US$1 yesterday. I did not know why I was buying it at the time.

The previous owners used it for storing hats. Judging on the style and the construction of this tin bucket, I think that it is from the 1940s...

The bucket was in pretty sorry shape when I initially got it home. I had to use carberator cleaner to remove the tape residue and some writing on the lid. I also took a hammer to some dents. The "project" turned out well.

In the picture above, you can see it being used in the Cratedigger Listening Room as a stand for all of my recent Garagepunk.com forum cd comps. Now I need to find a small shelf for the cdrs.

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