45s at House Sale

Last weekend, I went early to a house sale and scored some killer 45s for a great price of US$.20 each! While not nearly all US garage, there were some cool finds from the wayback machine.

I will leave off the filler and list only the killer:

James Brown and The Fabulous Flames "Good Rockin' Tonight" KING 6100

James Brown and The Fabulous Flames "Cold Sweat Pt 1 and 2" KING 6110 JB- always need more JB. "Good Rockin' Tonight" is in almost a rockabilly style, I would guess this to be quite early in his career. "Cold Sweat Pt 1 and 2" is in the more familiar hard soul style.

The Fantastic Johnny C "Boogaloo Down Broadway" Phil LA of Soul 305 This disc is some unknown (to me) guy doing a lite funk track. It hits me as a direct rip on "clown on Funky Broadway" track on The Sound of Funk V1. The flip contains identical music with a different vocal. Was this a vanity record? Like to see the other records in the jukebox where this one lived way back when...

Little Milton "Sweet Sixteen Pt 1 &2" Checker 1484

Sam & Dave "I Thank You" Stax 242 (With Juke Box tag)

Ohio Express "Soul Struttin" b/w "Try It" Cameo 2001 "Try it" is an excellent fuzz ridden version of the song that I know from the Standells version as well as a freakbeat version from the Rubble series, by a group that I can't remember. "Soul Struttin" is the typical forgettable OE number, this time penned by Tony Orlando- yes that Tony. Look for "Try it" to appear on a Cratedigger comp at some point in the future.

There were other 45s but the ones listed above were the only ones that moved the walls of the Cratedigger Listening Room.

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