The Twenty is done for now

So here is the Raleigh Twenty that I rescued a while back. I removed much of the house paint but there is still a fair amount of it left on the bike-call it patina.
I removed the rack on the back and rattle canned it a black glossy coat of Krylon, it looks much better than the half assed house paint that wa on it before. I also had a trunk bag that I got from Nashbar a while back, it seems to fit nicely.
I replaced the tubes, rim tape and tires (with Schwalbes). I also replaced the seat post with an alloy one with an integrated clamp. I repurposed an old mountain bike saddle that I had in the parts bin.
I took the bike on its' first trip this past weekend to Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. I used it to venture around the paddock, and see all of the vintage race cars.
The bike did well although the clearance between the the front tire and the mudguard stay is pretty tight. I also need to replace the grips as the originals look like they could split at any point and they really don't help reduce road shock.
Pretty psyched how it turned out so far.


colonel said...

Hey Rich, we heard it the rumor mill that you have some crispy music from The Colonel. Let's hear it!

Dirk said...

This is a really nice Twenty! Great work at keeping the original flavor.

Dirk said...


I was listening to one of your CD's the other day and thought about you guys. Congrats on the marriage!!! I have taken the plunge and purchased some motorized British Iron: a Triumph Speedmaster. Warm weather can't come soon enough. Give me a call if you're ever headed to K town: 262-914-8023


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Greetings RB and readers!

Once ago, I used to ride such an old bike like that one on the picture, mine was green too, by the way, that was the best time of my life!

I liked it!

Fareed Gramz said...

good job

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That's a very cool bike!

Elliott Broidy said...

Job well done!