The Digging and The Damage Done

Above: The Charles Wright & Watts 103rd St Rythym Band, borrowed from Soul-Sides.

It is an unbelievably nice day here in the Windy City, so I had a earth shattering idea to head out for lunch and I happened upon a relatively new record store. They had the usual hipster nonsense on offer—autographed (by Thurston!) copy of Bad Moon Rising, etc.

I did notice that they had a Cheap Section, which of course drew me in.

After about 20 minutes, I came up with the following:

The Digging…

Bar-Kays Cold Blooded Volt
James Brown Make it Funky Pts 2&3 King
James Brown Super Bad Pts 1,2&3 King
Dennis Coffey Taurus Sussex
Major Lance I’m So Lost Okeh
Lalo Schiffrin Theme From Medical Center/Spill The Wine MGM
Charles Wright Your Love (Means Everything To Me)Warners

And the Damage done…

$2.72 including tax (Chicago tax highest in USA!!!)

Needless to say, maybe there is a copy of Apache in there somewhere, I will be back. I did notice a couple of Buddy Miles LPs, too.

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HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

NICE!!!!! You'll have to share that Lalo Schiffrin one. Would love to hear it. Not often you get requests I would imagine. ;-)

Peace and SOUL,