Colonel's Back Again- Murray's Choice Mix

Yes, cratedigger's favorite guest, Colonel, is back with a vengeance with both an aggressive and trance inducing mix called Murray's Choice, fueled by the CDs full of dub and reggae that he sent me.

From his generous gift, I am still reaping the kind mix for you, dear reader.

This mix around, there is some reggae mixed in with the dub. Thematically as well as sonically, Murray's Choice spans many eras. Definitely pack the headphones, G.

Hopefully the sound will rattle your ipod/car doors/house/apartment, like it did the CDHQ.

Download The Colonel's Murray's Choice Mix

Murray's Choice Tracklist:

01 Dangerous Match One Scientist
02 Lamb's Bread Collie Jacob Miller
03 Natty Rebel Uroy
04 Universal Dub J-Boogie
05 Natural Roots Mad Professor
06 King Tubby Meets The Rockers Augustus Pablo
07 Soundclash Dub Syndicate
08 Cool Rockers Lee Scratch Perry
09 Extra Time Five Scientist
10 Dub Organiser Dillinger
11 It Dread Inna The Earth
12 Ecological Dub


Vincent said...

I am downloading this one now. If it's anything like the last one, then you've got another instant classic. Your writeup is gonna force me to load some of my classic drum and bass stuff to the iPod. Suffice it to say I haven't played any of it in about a year and a half... I've got a couple of postworthy mixes up my sleeve. Dig on, mon frer.

thisistomorrow said...

hi there
i did send you an email but got no answer...
here's the second try...
i'm doing the http://www.thisistomorrow.blogspot.com page and i will be celebrating one year of blogging
i would like to do a series of guest mixes on my site and wanted to know if you would be interested...
you can choose whatever tracks you like for a 30 min. mix...
just let me know what you think, i would be honored to have your mix on my little blog...


thisistomorrow said...

ok man... here it is...

colonel said...

wig too split to comment. heads up for more mind alterring cuts from colonel at the dubshack. bubble bubble, colonel