Tremendous Audio Action Lately

Cratedigger HQ has been a flurry of activity as of late.

The reference system has undergone a revision and an upgrade. The B&O turntable is now gone, sold at a 330% profit.

Here is the low down on the current setup. Rega Planar 43 turntable, Audio technica cartridge, Dynaco PAS2 preamp, and the Yamaha CR500 bridged, running as an amp. I have upgraded the interconnect between the pre and the amp by going with a Canare interconnect. The loudspeakers are still the AR 2 Axs, running on stands that are 20" off the hardwood floor. For cds, I am still using the AMC CD 8b.

I have also ditched the old vertical format of the stand for the system. The Ikea rack is now in the vault. I now have everything stretched out on an old coffee table between the loudspeakers.

I can detect a definite improvement on the mids and the bass with this new set up. Some of the new tunez have been really shaking the walls.

Baby Huey, esp. Every time the track "Listen To Me" busts out of the break-- the AMC cd8b skips...

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