Record Cleaning

While the Beck lp mentioned below was a mint original, the singles ranged in condition from VG+ to Mint-.

Every disc tracked on both the Rega 3 turntable as well as the Vestrax portable. I did invest the time, however, in cleaning each of the discs. I based my method on some posts from GaragePunk.com

I followed the following procedure, as I do not own a professional vinyl cleaner. I sat in my favorite chair with a Duvel. I turned on my reading light. I then took a piece of clean flannel cloth, possibly old pajamas. I dampened the cloth with a tiny bit of water. I then held a 45 by the center hole and took the damp cloth, following the grooves around. This removed the dust quite effectively. I let the discs air dry for 20 minutes or so before following the same regime on the flip sides.

The result, nice shiny discs to make the neighbors cry!

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