Getting closer

I have completed the 289 and installed it in the "chassis." The interior and windshields are installed in the body. I also fitted both the firewall and the radiator support. The stock wheel and tire combo was also fitted to the axle and put in the chassis.

All that is left is to drop the body on the chassis and add details like bumpers, mirrors, etc.


Some assembly

Everything is now painted. I assembled the 289 and the interior. The body and hood look OK. The motor looks decent.


The Best for Last

Flipsville records. Jeff has an amazing assortment of stuff, including many stinky toys from the 80s, Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, et al.

Jeff saw me crate digging and asked if I wanted to see the garage and psych stuff. He gave me a couple of short 45 boxes and I started digging.

He said that I could either use the Vestax or his turntable to listen to anything that I wanted.

Pretty cool, scored these:

Animals "House of The Rising Sun" Abkco 4025 (Mono)
Chosen Few "Lucille/It Just Don't Rhyme" Denim 1082
Gestures "Run, Run, Run/It Seems To Me" Soma 1417

Jeff seemed to know that I would be back...

Recycled Records Milwaukee

No pic of this place. they had a cool used book selection and a few lps. I found the best stuff in some mixed orange crates.
The score here:

Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady" IRS 75001
Blues Magoos "Psychedelic Lollipop" Mercury 61096 (Stereo)

They had another store that had 45s, but the guy was not there to open it.

Milwaukee Today

Today was a road trip to Milwaukee. Perused three stores and the coolest coffee joint ever, Alterra.

Farwell Music had a decent selection of 45s. There was tons of Reggae 45s, I managed to score 6 discs and 20 paper sleeves for a buck.

The finds were as follows:
Animals "Don't Bring Me Down" MGM 13514
James Brown "Superbad" Polydor 14301
James Brown "Get Up..." King 6318
Byrds "Turn Turn Turn" Columbia 43424
Soul Survivors "Expressway To Your Heart" Crimson 1010
Stevie Wonder "Superstition? Tamla 54226

There seemed to be enough stuff there to start a Soul comp.

Two coats of lite blue and a wet sand later

My modeling skills are in need of rejuvenation. It has been over 20 years since I have assembled one of these things and it shows.

The body, hood, firewall, front and rear pan all received an initial coat, a wet sand with 600 sandpaper (all I had around). I then took a hardly damp towel to remove any sanding dust. Everything got a second coat of enamel after that. Next time, I will work with thinner to try to reduce some of the inherent gloppiness that the paint seems to produce.

I think that there may be another round of touch ups and then it is off to the world of the engine compartment.

Since it is nasty outside...

and the Mustang is parked in the garage... I needed something to fill my obsession with old Fords. For the recent holiday, I received a 1966 Mustang Coupe model in 1/25 scale.
The exterior panels have had the excess polystyrene flash removed and they have received a light wash. They await the first coat of lite blue enamel...


Record Cleaning

While the Beck lp mentioned below was a mint original, the singles ranged in condition from VG+ to Mint-.

Every disc tracked on both the Rega 3 turntable as well as the Vestrax portable. I did invest the time, however, in cleaning each of the discs. I based my method on some posts from GaragePunk.com

I followed the following procedure, as I do not own a professional vinyl cleaner. I sat in my favorite chair with a Duvel. I turned on my reading light. I then took a piece of clean flannel cloth, possibly old pajamas. I dampened the cloth with a tiny bit of water. I then held a 45 by the center hole and took the damp cloth, following the grooves around. This removed the dust quite effectively. I let the discs air dry for 20 minutes or so before following the same regime on the flip sides.

The result, nice shiny discs to make the neighbors cry!


Today's damage in Beverly

This store is a temple for vinyl junkies.

I think it unlikely to find an Orlyn or a Ka-Hill disc here, but I came away with the following, in a relatively short amount of time:

Shadows of Knight "Oh Yeah" (Dunwich 122)
Shadows of Knight "Bad Little Woman" (Dunwich 128)
Shadows of Knight "Shake" (Team 520)(with the Kastenetz -Katz track on the flip "From Way Out To Way Under"
Leaves "Hey Joe" (Mira 222)
Jeff Beck "Beck-Ola" (Epic 26478)

A pretty good dusty afternoon.

Finds Today

We ventured down to the South Side today. More specifically to the burg of Beverly. 116th and Western for those who are keeping track.

After being overwhelmed, and asked by 2 different lifelong employees (said joint open since 1967), we decided to start digging in the 45 boxes on the floor. They are arranged "alphabetically" by artist.

Note to self, bring a list next time...

66 Mustang

My fave ride. Good weather, please come back.

Working on my contribution

Due the most unbeleivable generosity of various garagepunk forum members, my collection of '66 punk nuggets has grown more in the past 3 months than over the past 5 years.

I hope to use my new Vestrax turntable to assist me in gathering enough original discs to make my own compilation.

Based on my current collection of original vinyl, I think that I am a 1/3 of the way there...

Just got a great gift

For the recent holiday, my gf just got me the implement below:

A Vestax -- Handy Trax Portable Turntable!

This turntable shoud provide me with both hours of fun and solve many vinyl related mysteries on the spot. It runs on 6 D cells, so that I can throw a disc on and listen while at the garage sale, swap, junk store, etc.

Looking forward to this.