gasser, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

Its a gasser gasser gasser world, baby!

f150 burning out

f150 burning out, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

This FOMOCO tank was quick. I believe that it was a 10 sec ride. Coolness.

dyno don getting ready to stage

This pass didn't turn out so great before the rain came down on the sandwich session, and necessitated a hasty retreat to IL in the 66 Stang. What a sweet ride. It even has two buckets!

willys gasser

willys gasser, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

My favorite gasser, the mighty Willys coupe. There were at least three at Great Lakes Dragaway from the Midwest Gasser Association.


smokin!, originally uploaded by tinsoldier.

Check out this Yenko Nova SS doing the smoky burnout.


A friend of a friend just bought this...

My buddy says that this is the nicest 60s style survivor that he has ever seen. Viva 1966!!!


This is what I am talking about. I need to see this:

Byron Dragstrip- Rockford IL area

I want to make it to Byron Dragstrip soon. They have Outlaw racing there, where the object is to do wheelstands.

Look at this Willys pic:



With gas prices where they are, Bio Diesel seems to make more sense each day. Maybe I could finally get that pick em truck that I have been dreaming about.

Here is a cool link to Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems. When I first heard of Bio Diesel, I thought that it was a joke.

The most recent Patagonia catalog had a surfer/traveler dude in that is using a full size Dodge pick up powered by Bio Diesel.

Apparently it burns clean as well. I would love to drive and have the emissions smell like french fries or Chinese food. restaurants and their used cooking grease are prime sources for fuel with these systems.

Very interesting.


'41 Willys Gasser

This '41 Willys below captures the look and feel pretty well of a 60s Gasser.

Check out the recent Rodders Journal for more Gasser Fun- especially the feature on the John Mazimanian Willys Coupes.

Dad and I had a great time last year at the Vintage Drags at Great Lakes Dragaway- There was at least 6 old Willys burning out and taking names!

Gassers- another type of car that I dig

Check out the '41 Willys to the left... After reading the article in the latest Hot Rod magazine- about 8 times, I might add- I realized how much I dig these 60s straight line killers.

I prefer the '41 Willys when it is sporting a straight axle with the nose in the air- to shift the weight bias to the rear- enhancing traction in the process.

I built a little metal Willys model over the winter... it didn't really capture the Willys Gasser look.